Established 10 years ago, ​MagdaClan​ is one of the best known and loved Italian contemporary circus companies.

It combines the traditional image of circus and itinerant life with a poetic, ironic and many-sided language that connects different art forms and is a metaphor for the complexity that inhabits our present time. 
A collective body, with vibrant muscles and an open mind, the Clan is composed by 15 members.
These acrobats, musicians and technicians – all younger than 35 – pursue together, with passion, kindheartedness and hard work, their common dream: spreading wonder through the language of the New Circus.
Based on an innovative and attentive artistic research and sincere self-irony, MagdaClan builds surreal scenarios, fragile imbalances, and collective scenes of acrobatics and acro dance.

MagdaClan is one of the first Italian contemporary circus companies with a circus tent, or as we call it, ​chapiteau​​Its elegant, blue chapiteau is a scenic, creative and living space for MagdaClan.
The ritual of the setting up and tearing down the chapiteau is done by the members of the Clan, who also take care of its maintenance.
The chapiteau is also conceived by MagdaClan as an incubator of other arts and has hosted to date more than 120 artists with the aim of supporting budding creators and encouraging the interaction between different artistic expressions (dance, theatre, contemporary circus, music and poetry). Thanks to the small size of its chapiteau, MagdaClan has been able to reach the hearts of cities and communities, creating a unique relationship with the urban space, the audience, and local institutions.

MagdaClan has five major collective ​productions​ in its current repertoire: ​Era-Sonetto per un Clown​ ​(2012), ​Extra_vagante​ (​ 2014), ​è un Attimo​ (2017), ​Emisfero (​ 2018), and MasNada ​(2019). The company also develops site-specific performances, ​an “extra-ordinary” circus journey​ ​, which integrates circus disciplines in the locations’ architecture, ranging from Museums to a geothermic power plant. Finally, the most recent creation, S​ic Transit ​, is a street performance played by two of the MagdaClan acrobats. In its 10 years of tours, MagdaClan performed ​in over 100 cities​, in all main circus, theatre and dance industry’s festivals, as well as in theaters.

MagdaClan is among the founders of ​Forum Nuovi Circhi.
MagdaClan also organizes in the region of Montferrat in Piedmont two festivals: 
Fantasy – festival di circo contemporaneo, arte di strada e musica , now at its fifth edition, and ​Mon Circo – Officina delle Arti viventi​, at its fourth edition. 

The acrobats of the MagdaClan group graduated from the FLIC Scuola di Circo (Turin), Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC – Bruxelles) and at the Ecole supérieure des arts du cirque de Toulouse-Occitanie (Le LIDO – Toulouse).  

The innovative artistic research of the company and the professionalism of its individual members are acknowledged by the industry’s critics, organizers and the audience. MagdaClan’s projects are supported, among others, by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT), the Piedmont Region, Compagnia San Paolo, Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation, and GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani.
Local, national and european ​press talked about MagdaClan and the company won a number of Italian and international contests.
In 2019, the company has been selected for Avignon OFF Festival and the Festival du Cirque Actuel of Auch (France).
In 2018, 
MagdaClan ranked first in the MiBACT’s list of endeavours in the category “Contemporary and innovative circus under 35″.


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