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Founded in Turin in 2011, MagdaClan is one of Italy’s best-loved contemporary circus companies. Contemporary circus: a collective body with throbbing muscles and an open mind that releases heartfelt emotions. 

The collective is made up of around twenty people, including acrobats, musicians and showmen, and pursues, with passion and professionalism, the shared dream of spreading wonder through the codes of contemporary circus.

Inside and outside the elegant blue big top, the MagdaClan company addresses the public with a poetic, ironic and multifaceted language, a metaphor for the complexity that inhabits the contemporary world. Nothing is left to chance, nor is there any classical grammar or formula. MagdaClan’s meticulous, innovative artistic research, combined with sincere irony, creates surreal scenarios, fragile imbalances and collective tableaux of acrobatics and acrobatics. The company’s innovative artistic research and the professionalism of each of its members are recognized by industry critics, organizers and audiences alike.

The small size of the big top has enabled the company to reach the heart of cities, creating a unique relationship with urban space, audiences, local communities and institutions.

Magda has set up the big top in over 130 cities and is programmed at major festivals and theaters. festivals and theaters.

Magda sees its big top as a rubick cube with a thousand identities, a non-exclusive creative hub open to all.

A non-exclusive creative hub, open to all artistic languages: over the past nine years, the big top has welcomed over 120 realities in dance, theater, contemporary circus, music and poetry.

We’re in perpetual creative effervescence!

> Emisfero

A tribute to the human being, and to their incredible mechanism, to the daily balance, to the circus of life.

It’s happening again, one thought puts them in motion. It happens 60,000 times a day. It goes on forever. Tiny molecules crash against each other, hug each other, walk, play, dance; chemical messengers respond to every stimulation, neurotransmitters of emotions. There are 60,000 modes of existence, transmissions of anger, fear, love, trust.

“The mind is like a parachute. It only works if you open it.” [Albert Einstein]

For chapiteau
60 min
From 6 ans
Circus disciplines: icarian games, lifts, ladders, acrodanse, overboard, German wheel, Chinese mat, suspension capillary

Live music: Typewriters, accordion, double bass, charango, didjéridoo, vocals, electric guitar, duduk, tambourines, harmonic flute toy piano, German sound wheel
Performers and co-writers: Giulio Lanfranco, Davide De Bardi, Daniele Sorisi, Tiphaine Rochais, Lucas Elias, Elena Bosco, Achille Zoni, Antonio Petitto, Veronica Maria Canale
Technical team: Giorgio Benotto, François Neveu, Meron Celentano
Outside view: Petr Forman, Roberto Olivan, Alessandro Maida
Creative team: Giorgio Benotto, Andrea Avoledo, Giovanni Lafrate, Giorgia Russo, Elisabetta Maniga
Production: Magdaclan
Co-production : FLIC Scuola di Circo, Dinamico Festival
Sponsor: MiBAC – Ministero dei Beni e Attività Culturali, CIRQUEON Praga, Bunker Torino, Blukippe ginnastica – Padova, La Corte Ospitale – Teatro Herberia 

> Eccezione

contemporary circus triptych

fragility, lightness and coffee

ECCEZIONE is MagdaClan’s new collective format, a genuine series whose primary aim is to present an immediate, fresh and at the same time sophisticated, intriguing show, suitable for all audiences.

The primary objective is to present a show that is immediate, fresh and at the same time sophisticated, intriguing and adapted to all types of audience.

Each slice of the show has a different specificity depending on the territory and the festival hosting it. One exception is the circus itself, which is the spokesperson and common thread running through the series.

A skilful blend of acrobatic bodies and live music to savour the pleasure of dance.

Our interpretation of contemporary circus

Contemporary circus show
for all audiences
for chapiteau, theater and outdoor stages
50 min
Production: Magdaclan
Performers and co-writers: Magdaclan artists 

> E...Elogio Eccentrico alla noia

new collective creation

By mistake or by invitation, we don’t know, eight people from eight different moments in human history find themselves spending a weekend in a villa. They find themselves traversing the inexorable passage of time. A time that never passes for those who have too much in their lives and no longer know what to do with it. Time that always ends up winning. 

contemporary circus show for chapiteau
Production: Magdaclan
Performers and co-writers: Magdaclan artists

> Circo Extra_Ordinario

performance site specific

By fusing the language of circus, artistic experimentation and the particularity of the site, an extraordinary relationship is between artist, space and audience.

MagdaClan’s Cirque Extra_Ordinaire performs in unconventional spaces. unconventional spaces, be they buildings, urban spaces urban spaces or landscapes, where the form of the work space and is directly dependent on it. To date, we have performed Circo Extra_ordinario at Padua’s Castello Cervarese, at the Larderello geothermal power station in Tuscany, in the historic center of Mercato Saraceno in the Apennines, among the Trulli of Masseria Lo Jazzo in Puglia, in the medieval Civic Museum in Bologna and in the historical halls of the Alma Mater Studiorum in the Archiginnasio library between the “Sala del Tea- tro Anatomico tro Anatomico” and the “Stabat Mater”.

For all audiences
Itinerant, also in several locations with a final choral performance
Ideal for unusual locations. Museums, castles, historic centers industries, gardens, art galleries

> 2984

Accepting the apocalypse, praising the ephemeral

Perhaps the last specimen of the human race, survives thanks to a particular symbiosis with stones, sand and pebbles.2984 is the point of convergence of languages and poetics, such as manipulation, dance, narration, balance and theater, carefully balanced to trace a path that, with gentle irony, leads us to a serene acceptance of the end of the world.

Multi-faceted performance
ages 10 and up
65 min
by and with: Alessandro Maida
Production: Magdaclan
Outside view: Giorgio Bertolotti
Artistic consultant: Roberto Magro
Lighting design and interpretation: FlavioCortese
Musical direction and composition: Pino Basile
Set design: Francesco Fassone and Jessica Koba
Costumes: Augusta Tibaldeschi
Anthropological consulting: Giorgia Russo

> Sic transit

Between new doctrines and old truths, orthodoxy and unexpected and unexpected reinterpretations, this is an acrobatic show, a postmodern sermon addressed directly to a faithful audience.

A God tells his story: centuries spent trying to make his voice heard unsuccessfully, in the face of a multitude of interpretations. As for his only son, to whom he passed on everything? Finished humiliated, tortured, executed… so if God has returned, it’s to find the messenger of a new, more modern, more accessible story. Is everyone ready to worship us?

Circus theater (ages 8 and up)
50 min
Designed for open spaces, squares, courts, halls and chapiteau
Conceived and written by: Alessandro Maida, Giorgia Russo
Performer: Alessandro Maida
Assistant director: Giorgio Bertolotti
Original music: Pino Basile
TV sound effects: Lorenzo Crivellari
Set design and construction: Stefano Boccardo
Lighting: Federico Canibus
Magic advice: Andrea Speranza
Production: MagdaClan Circo
Co-production: Mon Circo, Cie Circoncentrique, Veregra Street Festival, Dinamico Festival
Supporters : Mibac – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Circo All’Incirca, Cirk Fantastik, Play

> Cleolo

A flying clown show

Searching for dimensions is never enough; you have to look for new ones, imaginary or not, and share them in such a way as to broaden the viewpoints of others, as well as your own. 

A clown at the end of his career decides it’s time to retire… He greets his former colleagues by organizing a farewell event during which he flies through the sky in his paramotor.

He’ll be flying for real!

A show in which the audience is disguised as clowns, strongmen, bearded women and freaks from every corner of their imagination.

Under the power of the sky, the event follows the natural scenography of the chosen location, ending with a tearful farewell to the clown as he flies off stage.

For open spaces
By and with: DanieleSorisi
Circus disciplines: acrobatics, object manipulation, clowning, ULM aeronautical techniques
Production: Magdaclan and Les Thérèses
Director: Matteo Destro
Outside view: Giorgio Bertolotti
technique: Tiphaine Rochais
Music: Marco Turconi
flight coach: Christophe PicardPerformance

accepted for residency at :  MonCirco – Montiglio,Open 360 – Residenze Manicomics, and many more in preparation

> Sweet Molotov

the day memories declared war on oblivion

“Today, the detonation was louder than yesterday, it caught me off guard: I was convinced I knew how to bury my feelings and instead they came for me, to haunt my thoughts and I collapsed under the weight of my own ghosts.”

What happens the day the unexploded ordnance explodes inside? And how do the days and hours that precede tell the prelude and show the harbingers of a possible confrontation?

A short poem written with the body, telling with generous cynicism how a personal disaster sometimes borders on the absurd or, better still, on comedy.


circus performance in streets, squares and open spaces
40 min
All audiences
By and with : Giorgia Russo
Director: Ilaria Senter
Research and movement : Valentina Cortese
Anthropological advice: Federica Loredan
Artistic consultant: Alessandro Maida
coordination and music creation: Achille Zoni
architectures and design: Elisabetta Maniga, Andrea Avoledo

The say about us

La joyeuse et accueillante troupe du Magda Clan nous offre une bienbelle démonstration du cirque contemporain italien. 
Eccellente Emisfero-est un spectacle qui marie acrobatie, équilibre et poésie. 
Accueillis dans le chapiteau baigné de fumée et de lumière jaune, les artistes de la compagnie qui ont chacun leur spécialité vont rivaliser d’énergie et de virtuosité. Les numéros s’enchaînent au sol ou dans les airs sans aucun temps mort pour le plus grand bonheur du public réparti tout autour de la piste.“ 
La Provence

“The strength and power of contemporary circus lies in the creation of a double track of listening; if on the one hand the “numbers” and the artistic and acrobatic routines of the performers emerge, on the other hand a story, a plot, a dramaturgy develops and the different performances of the main characters connect into it. […] And MadgaClan, young but already experienced group, are among the best in this kind of new circus philosophy and concept that gives a lot of space to writing and theater…” A rich and deep structure, made of physical effort and complicated acrobatics, that has managed to well combine body, muscles and, indeed, brain.” 
/ Tommaso Chimenti

“MagdaClan is a reality to get to know, for its high quality and for the gust of new ideas and fantasy world of imagination that brings with it. Six are the wonderful artists on stage, and three musicians, all connected in a whole that builds, through the immediacy and the visual and sound impact, the strength of a nouveau cirque that absolutely needs be discovered” / Nicoletta Cavanna

“Six circus poets, three musicians, a chapiteau that holds about 200 people… poetry and prose in unison.  Street acrobats, articulated puppets in flesh and blood. And you will discover, in each of them, the genius. THE NATION

“Extraordinary” is an overused adjective, one that one should be wary of.  Yet, observing with astonishment the rapid and precise evolutions, no other definition is suitable for the MagdaClan. It happens under a chapiteau […], the six artists, all Italians, alive, half dead, masterful in the collective scenes, sew the disciplines of the circus in a fantastic marquetry and the mathematical exactitude of the gestures (risking their life) get lost in the imagination, which floats blissfully.” / Maura Sesia


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